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The shipping sector in Senegal

Marie Louise Ndoye is the CEO of WIN Logistics based in Dakar, Senegal. She is a powerhouse female CEO in an otherwise male dominated sector. We met at the Port of Dakar and over the din of loading container ships she shared her insights.

“Speaking for my own business, 2021 was a difficult year for shipping in Senegal but better than 2020 and we hope that this year, 2022, will be even stronger. Traffic has restarted and demand for sea freight is high. 

During the pandemic 2020 was difficult. There was limited importation.  The suppliers of our customers in Italy and France for example, were closed. Apart from containers that were already on their way, there were few containers on vessels. For about four to six months there was less importation. We were obliged to wait until traffic restarted while saving as many jobs as possible. So, it was difficult. We are now seeing as a consequence the impact on product costs. The final consumer in Senegal may have to pay more. Prices have increased.

2022 is looking better and there is a lot for the shipping sector to look forward to. Senegal is building a new port in Ndayane, about 50km south of Dakar. This will support increasing demand and high levels of traffic. Many international companies have already arrived in Dakar. They partner with local organisations and create employment for Senegalese nationals. We also have the oil and gas sector who need our support in shipping equipment for drilling and excavation. So, a lot to look forward to. Senegal and WIN Logistics are open."

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