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TradEthiopia - Building Export Capacity

Today in Addis Ababa, I had the pleasure of meeting the team at Trade Ethiopia and Tesbinn Training. 

For both organisations it is all about Trade. Connecting B2B sellers and buyers intra-regional and globally. Helping solve the challenges for Ethiopian businesses of finding the right market, navigating supply chains, creating an online presence and driving demand. Bernabas Kidane, CEO, shared with me "Ethiopia is resource full. From Agricultural products to minerals, gemstones, copper and bamboo, used in the production of sustainable energy".

Tessbin training stemmed from demand by the Farmer's Cooperative Unions. Initially to create visibility and then to address the knowledge gaps in understanding how to export resulting in courses, for organisations and individuals, covering international trade, digital marketing and business development.

With the success of the initial programmes, the conversation has expanded to include free trade agreements, micro finance and TV streaming relevant trade news. A key influence in the development of the business has been the role of the Alibaba Business School as a global force in eCommerce.

Bernabas Kidane shared "SMEs are very important, locally, regionally and internationally, as demonstrated by regulation and a strong appetite for digital payments and financial inclusion. This is the era of the internet. Young people graduating from University are aspirational. It is time to unlock the opportunity."

TradeEthiopia B2B Company | ዓለም ዓቀፍ የገበያ አስተሳሳሪ TRADEETHIOPIA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & INNOVATION | TESBINN Amabilidad

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