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Economic zones and industrial parks

As part of my visit to Addis Abba, Ethiopia, this week I want to understand the role of the designated economic zones and industrial parks in driving increased trade and export. 

I was fortunate to connect with Kamila Hamza, CEO and Founder of Intrinsic Consultancy and former CEO of Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association.

➡ Intrinsic Consultancy, an advisory firm established in 2017, supports investors' market entry into Ethiopia. Navigating the process, making it more feasible, and addressing key considerations regarding how and where to invest. In addition to working with local development partners on project implementations, including GIZ and Mastercard Foundation, facilitating private sector development. Making the link with local suppliers and foreign investors. 

➡ Inaugurated in 2016, Hawassa eco-industrial park, 285km from the centre of Addis, opened it's doors to serve the textile and apparel sector with lead investors from the US, India, China, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong, plus local manufacturers playing their part. The Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association bridges the gap between the needs and expectations of foreign investors and those of local governing bodies including ministries and regulatory authorities. 

💡 The collaborative relationships have facilitated shared learning and the transfer of valuable technical expertise among workers. Something Kamila tells me "is truly rewarding to witness, the improvement and enhancement of so many workers' skills over the last 6 - 7 years." Job creation is at the heart of the industrial zone strategy with women making up the majority (up to 90%) of the workforce.

🗣 We went on to discuss the impact of COVID on both Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the industrial parks, the importance of compliance and the role Intrinsic plays in providing Investment after care services to its clients. Kamila advises, her team deals with business problems as they arise, allowing clients to focus on developing their product or service. 

We touched on the significance of sustainability, in particular in the supply chain, sharing examples of challenges in accessing locally sourced compostable or reusable packaging; carton, plastics / polybags, trims and accessories. With Intrinsic supporting B2B links between local suppliers and FDIs as well as working on "export readiness" among service providers. Reinforcing how it is critical for local businesses to adopt a foreign investment and export mindset. Quality and reliability being key.

We covered a lot of ground in an hour, with more to come. ☕ ☕ 

If you would like to understand the services offered by Intrinsic Consultancy, you can contact the team here:

Much is documented about trends in Ethiopia's Industrial Parks, that you can explore further online.

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