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Ethiopian Fintech landscape

With their target in sight of over 100k empowered businesses in Ethiopia by 2027, Chapa Financial Technologies continues to drive their business forward.

Anticipating in 2024 the finalising of the Startup Proclamation in Ethiopia aimed at further developing the innovative ecosystem and effectively reducing barriers to entrepreneurship. Encouraging an increase in the number of formally registered businesses which currently stands at 2.3 million. 

In addition to offering a payments gateway and enabling access to various currencies for businesses, Chapa, recognizing the need for capital, is expanding its services to facilitate loan offerings backed by data led credit assessments.

I came away from our discussion with a greatly enhanced understanding of the Ethiopian Fintech landscape, the challenges and the opportunities. The need to understand what drives local business, the key role trust plays and how important it is for the public and private sector to help create awareness of the available products and services.

And of course, who wouldn't love having a meeting on a terrace, enjoying freshly brewed Ethiopian coffee, in the beautiful residential area of Bole.

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