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Landing page_Sept 09

Building Export Capacity

Building Export Capacity

Reimagining the Trade Park

Reimagining the Trade Park

Spices Mbour Senegal

Spices Mbour Senegal

trade park project

Orla Ryan, Founder and CEO

Ethiopia was the jumping off point for Amabilidad in 2024. And it's all change for the year ahead! Two exciting new projects. Building export capacity for small businesses with our partners in Addis Ababa. Plus, something dynamic and innovative, reimagine the trade park. Find out more

We are also here for you as your consulting partner of choice. We will apply our experience delivering in developing countries to ensure your project is a success.

Orla Ryan - Founder


Container ship Port of Valencia Spain

Building Export Capacity
Ethiopia to the EU 27

Charting the course

Green Earth. Credit: Icons8

Welcome to 'Charting the Course'. Understanding the dynamics of exporting to the European Union. Designed as a taster programme, our goal is to provide you with a broad understanding of the supply chain journey, from point of manufacture to end-user consumption. Learn more

Unilever Transform

When you work in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), spare time for meetings is not something you have in abundance!

Ice Addis

Today I met with iceaddis Ethiopia's first innovation hub and tech startup incubator, founded over 10 years ago.


With their target in sight of over 100k empowered businesses in Ethiopia by 2027, Chapa Financial Technologies continues to drive their business forward.


Trade Park Project

What if.. we could help sew the story

Green Earth. Credit: Icons8
Reimagine the trade park

Dream big! What if we could help redefine the future of the textile and apparel industry.  Not just as a source of economic prosperity, but also as a leader in sustainability, contributing to the wellbeing of people and planet.
Learn more



Amabilidad partners with the Centre for Accelerated Women's Economic Empowerment to deliver Building Export Capacity (BEC).


Amabilidad partners with TradEthiopia to deliver Building Export Capacity (BEC).

WIN Logistics

A collaboration to understand the impact of the COVID 19 global pandemic on trade and logistics with Senegal.

Impact world map of 20 global countries

Consulting Services

Project Management icon. Credit: Icons8
Specialists delivering in developing countries 

More than 20 projects across 15 developing countries from Haiti in the West and Papua New Guinea in the East. 
We partner with you from strategy to implementation. 
Find out more


Video credit: Define Initiative - DEFINE SKILLS Training Program for Women-led MSMEs in Papua New Guinea. UNCDF, UNDP and PNGX Papua New Guinea. March 2023. Supported by Amabilidad.

Video credit: GSMA - How MoMo Pay Merchant Payments. MTN, Accra, Ghana. 

Project Lead: Orla Ryan, Market Engagement Director, Connected Women, GSMA.

Coffee Collective


Coffee is at the heart of many small women-led businesses in Ethiopia.

As an entrepreneur it can be difficult to differentiate your story and let your customer know how great your product is.

This year, 2024, we plan to help, using the power of social media. As the story unfolds, please follow along.

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Addis Ababa. Almuyee Coffee.

📰 Survey results for Building Export Capacity (BEC) Ethiopia to the EU 27 (+1) are out!

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