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Project Management. Credit: Icons8

Explore a snapshot of our experience working on a diverse range of projects in developing countries. We want to work with you on your project.  If you would like to discuss your ideas please, email us here and we will get right back to you.


A selection of the locations across the world where we have delivered either in partnership with or working directly for some great organisations in the private, government and NGO sectors.
Portfolio - First row
Centre for Accelerated Women's Economic Empowerment

CAWEE, Ethiopia

In January 2024 Amabilidad partnered with the Centre for Accelerated Women's Economic Empowerment to deliver "Ethiopia to the European Union 27, Building Export Capacity (BEC). Designed as a taster programme to provide a broad understanding of the supply chain journey from point of manufacture to end-user consumption. Our first sessions will be delivered in Addis Ababa in April 2024. 

TradEthiopa. Tessbin Training. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

TradEthiopia, Ethiopia

TradEthiopia is helping solve the challenges for Ethiopian businesses of finding the right market, navigating supply chains, creating an online presence and driving demand. In February 2024 Amabilidad partnered with TradEthiopia to deliver "Ethiopia to the European Union 27, Building Export Capacity (BEC). First sessions will be delivered in Addis Ababa in April 2024. 

Port of Dakar, Senegal. Credit: WIN Logistics

WIN Logistics, Senegal

Marie Louise Ndoye is the CEO of WIN Logistics based in Dakar, Senegal. Amabilidad collaborated on understanding the impact of the global pandemic on trade with Senegal.  Following 2020, a period of slow to no trade, traffic had restarted in 2021 with high demand for sea freight.  However, the repercussions, particularly on product costs, persisted. We gathered these insights and more during our collaboration.

Digital Transformation. Islamabad, Pakistan. Credit: GSMA

National Dialogue, Pakistan

Delivering the report findings "The power of mobile to accelerate digital transformation in Pakistan"  as 97% of internet connections are based on mobile connectivity. Supported by the GSMA, the country is on a national development journey, rooted in the commitment to national and global development goals, to accelerate social and economic development in the country.

MERI Project. UN Women. Women's Microbank. Papua New Guinea

United Nations Women, Papua New Guinea

Many women and their families, of the over 10 million population, were affected by the global pandemic and could no longer earn from their livelihood. Amabilidad served UN Women and Women’s Micro Bank to deliver the MERI (Markets, Economic, Recovery, and Inclusion) programme in 2022 to overcome the challenges faced by market vendors. The project supported 160 women vendors in four main markets in PNG

JIO, India. Connected Women Commitment

Reliance Jio, India

Isha Ambani, of Reliance Jio, partnered with GSMA's Connected Women Initiative to bridge the gender gap in digital adoption and literacy among women in India. The joint venture is designed to help empower more women with increased access to, and use of, life-enhancing digital services, enabled by the low cost Jio Phone. This partnership was negotiated and secured by Orla Ryan - Amabilidad Founder.

UNCDF. UNDP. DEFINE Skills Rapid Finance Facility. Papua New Guinea

United Nations Capital Development Fund, Papua New Guinea

Initiated by PNGX (Stock Exchange) and ICT Digital Cluster, in partnership with UNCDF, the business skills program provided capacity building to women-led micro and small enterprises to drive the adoption of business practices, support the transition to the emerging digital economy plus enable MSEs graduation to the formal sector. The program, managed by Amabilidad, reached over 900 female entrepreneurs.

Vodafone Idea, India. Sakhi Women's Safety. Credit: GSMA

Vodafone Idea, India

 Vodafone Idea, launched Sakhi, a service to address key barriers women face to accessing and using mobile in India, as well as women’s concerns about personal safety, threats that may arise from owning a mobile and general safety concerns that women experience that mobile could help address.  As a team we partnered on market research, monitoring and evaluation, informing product development.

GSMA Asia Event. Delhi, India.

GSMA - Mobile for Development, India

Women in South Asia are 58% less likely than men to use mobile internet. In Delhi, India, the GSMA Connected Women team hosted ‘Partnering for Impact: Digital Inclusion for Women’ to advance the conversation of the effectiveness of cross-industry partnerships as a means of reaching women at scale.

Safaricom, Nairobi, Kenya. Maisha ni Digital project. Credit: GSMA

Safaricom, Kenya

Maisha Ni Digital (Life is Digital) is the flagship campaign from Safaricom, to increase smartphone uptake by offering affordable 3G devices. To give 10 million Kenyans access to mobile internet.  This partnership was enabled by Google and supported by the GSMA Connected Women team, led by Orla Ryan, supporting with data, insights and strategy development.

UNCDF. UNDP. Westpac. Rapid Finance Facility, Papua New Guinea

Westpac, Papua New Guinea

In partnership with UNCDF, Westpac PNG rolled out their two financial education programmes; Financial First Steps and Money Basics. Designed to upskill and empower female entrepreneurs with money management skills, helping families recover from the global pandemic.  Programme management and technical support was delivered by Amabilidad.

Econet Ecosure. Harare, Zimbabwe. Women's Funeral Group. Credit: GSMA

Econet Ecosure, Zimbabwe

 Zimbabwean women’s Burial Society, over 4,800 groups of which 80% of those are women, share the importance to them of giving their family members a respectful send off when they die and how difficult it can be to cover the cost of a funeral. They are all policyholders of Econet, EcoSure micro insurance funeral cover direct; a product available to Ecocash subscribers.

Econet. Harare, Zimbabwe. Credit: GSMA

Econet, Zimbabwe

With a population of over 16 million, financial inclusion of women is a focus for Econet. Women in Zimbabwe are recognized for driving sustainable growth and have significant influence in promoting product adoption. In business they demonstrate activity, stability, and loyalty. GSMA Connected Women team underlined these findings with strategic capacity building highlighting barriers for women.

Reaching 50 Million Women. Credit: GSMA

GSMA, Connect Women. London. 

This guide outlines the practical steps mobile operators can take to reach female customers. Drawing on GSMA research and work with operators and other partners across Africa, Asia and Latin America over the last decade, including a recent survey of employees from mobile operating companies, illustrating 10 key recommendations for reaching women with mobile. Lead & contributor: Orla Ryan

Orange Sonatel, Dakar, Senegal. Credit: GSMA

Orange Sonatel, Senegal

"The lives of African women can be greatly improved by new sources of financing and group savings, and adapted money transfer and payment services. At Orange Money, we are committed to supporting women on the path to financial self-sufficiency and inclusive emergence”. In partnership with Orange Sonatel, Senegal we framed up the strategy to deliver on this commitment.

Digicel, Papua New Guinea. Credit: DEFINE Skills

United Nations Capital Development Fund, Papua New Guinea

Following the COVID-19 global pandemic, Amabilidad served UNCDF in Papua New Guinea, to deliver the Rapid Finance Facility. Designed to support 2,200 women micro and small business owners, plus new entrepreneurs, to recover from the disproportionate negative impact of the pandemic on women, by offering digital and financial inclusion capacity building, loan disbursements and access to mobile money.

Women merchant. MTN. Accra Ghana.

MTN, Ghana

In collaboration, MTN Ghana, conducted a case study (over 1,500 participants) evaluating the impact of MoMo Pay on female merchants, aimed at empowering microentrepreneurs. Revealing that customers increased in both frequency and value of transactions, particularly among women. Tackling barriers to mobile money use; cost and convenience issues, also showing commercial advantages for merchants offering the service

Orange, Cote d'Ivoire.  Mobile money pricing. Credit: GSMA.

Orange, Cote d'Ivoire

A strategic collaboration with Orange Money following publication of data analysis and research on the mobile money customer journey in Côte d'Ivoire. The objective to address the obstacles women face in access to and use of mobile money services. Challenges resolved, include a gender gap of 29%, with fewer women than men using mobile money, plus 50% of accounts inactive.

Vodacom Tanzania. Women business owner. Credit: GSMA

Vodacom, Tanzania

Tanzania boasts a population of over 63 million, with over 85% connected to mobile services. Vodacom's M-Pesa digital mobile wallet offers various services, including M-Pawa microcredit and microsavings products. Through collaborative efforts and insights sharing, we co-created a roadmap to support women-led microenterprises. This initiative has facilitated access to microloans for over 3 million users.

Digicel outreach team. Haiti

Digicel Group, Haiti

In Caracol, Northern Haiti, a garment manufacturing community employs over 10,000 workers. This project aimed to enhance security by directly distributing weekly payments to Mon Cash mobile money wallets, replacing the risky method of cash payments. Previously, an armoured truck transported the entire cash sum of salaries, posing a significant risk of robbery.

Wave Money, Myanmar. Credit: GSMA

Wave Money, Myanmar

Wave Money, a mobile financial services provider, operates over 54,000 Wave shops across 14 states in Myanmar, covering over 89% of the country and serving a customer base of more than 35 million. Supporting their efforts to empower women micro-entrepreneurs and agents, we collaborated on capacity building workshops aimed at understanding the barriers women face. (On behalf of GSMA, Connected Women).

Airtel. Kigali, Rwanda. Women mobile money agents. Credit: GSMA

Airtel, Rwanda

As part of the GSMA Connected Women Commitment, Airtel Rwanda aimed to increase the proportion of women on their customer base from 39% to 45%. The Women Entrepreneurship Fund aims support 300 women from across Rwanda to become mobile money agents. Airtel (Tigo) Rwanda aimed to empower over 1,280 women agents by 2020.

p2h. Team. Port-au-Prince. Haiti

P2H, Haiti

Over a four year period, the p2h team in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, set up a social enterprise aimed at supporting women merchants, through the supply of ladies and children apparel for resale. Orders were placed online and payments accepted using digital mobile wallet. In total we reached 40 women merchants across the capital.

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

Telenor, Pakistan and MTN, Ghana

In February each year, Barcelona, Spain hosts Mobile World Congress, attracting over 100,000 attendees. It is the annual gathering for telecommunications, development, and ministerial stakeholders to exchange innovative ideas addressing global challenges. Image: Selorm Adadevoh, former CEO of MTN Ghana, and Irfan Khan, CEO of Telenor Pakistan.

Digicel, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Digicel Group, Haiti

Haiti has a population of over 11 million with 65% mobile use. Mon Cash is the mobile money digital wallet widely used in Haiti. Over a period of one year, we led the Digicel team, across a range of initiatives designed to expand access to and use of mobile financial services. including bill payments, money transfer, international remittances, microfinance, merchant payments and more.

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Lorraine Basse

Communications and Awareness Raising Officer: FOLUR-GEF (UNDP}


​"Orla worked with us at the UNCDF Port Moresby Country Office as one of our consultants for our Rapid Financial Facility (RFF) project. I have learnt a lot from her and can confidently say that she brought me out of my shell and helped me found my voice in this new space of development sector." more

Adrine Muhura
Market Engagement Manager, Connected Women


"I had the privilege of working directly with Orla at GSMA. Orla is very professional, focused and extremely level headed. Her understanding of the telecommunication industry and commercials of businesses was very impressive." more

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